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Paws on the Prairie, LLC

About our Business

At Paws on the Prairie, we are focused on providing excellent services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We started as a cage free mobile grooming company that offers grooming at your home or place of work within city limits and have recently expanded with a salon. Everything we need is located in our vans. We are accepting of all breeds and offer a range of grooming options. We do travel from town to town and have certain days set up for each place. However, depending on demand that may fluctuate. Below is a map of towns we travel to. If you live out of town, we can meet you in town at a location or simply on Main Street. In order for travel to be beneficial to the business, a full day must be booked (5-7+ dogs). When booking appointments, we do half hour to hour windows for arrival since its so hard to run on "dog time". One never knows when you might have an overly happy and excited pup who just wiggle wiggle wiggles. =) Most appointments are 45 minutes to an hour for smaller dogs and up to 2 hours + for larger dogs. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. 

*Again, travel depends upon demand and a full day must be booked in order to go. Thanks.

Towns we travel to/will stop at are highlighted in purple below. We have recently picked back up/added new towns.

About the Staff - Lisa (Owner/Operator)

Hello, my name is Lisa and I have been working in the grooming field for about 11 years now. The handsome man next to me is my better half Justin. We have now a beautiful almost 3 year old girl Piper and one on the way, 3 little house dogs-Cooper, Izzy and Foxy and also our big farm dog Gus. I grew up on a farm near Lansford, ND with many pets and have always loved animals. My interest in the pet care industry arose while attending college in Bismarck, ND. I needed a part time job to help pay for my schooling and saw an ad for a pet groomer. I thought it would be a great opportunity to work with them. I applied, got the job and quickly fell in love with the entirety of it. Ever since I have dreamed of running my own grooming business and can finally say that it has came true. Working one on one with each pet throughout the years has taught me many things. Patience, love, and understanding is a necessity in this field. Each pet is different in their own way, but all need those same things....and a spa day once in a while! 

Emily (Bather/Groomer)

Emily grew up in Westhope, ND and has been working with us since 2016. She started in her months off from school doing part time during the summer and has since become a full time employee in January of 2017.

Gabi (Bather/Groomer)

Gabi is from Mandan,ND and has been with us since June 2020. She is one our groomers at the shop in Burlington and also runs the 2nd mobile unit. 

Samantha (In Training)

Sam is a local girl from Souris, ND and just started with us in November 2020. She is currently still in training with hopes to run one of our mobile units on her own in the future.

It's wonderful to have such caring, compasionate, well-rounded people to work with. Their love for animals is obvious. They do a great job and I couldn't imagine not having them on the team.